MSGOBA is a body comprised of all former students who attended Mt. St. Gabriel’s Secondary School, Makurdi.


MSGOBA is an acronym that stands for Mount Saint Gabriel's Old Boys' Association, Makurdi, Benue State

It is a body that comprised of all former students who attended Mt. St. Gabriel’s Secondary School, Makurdi who desiring to come together in unity have wilfully established this distinguished Association to cater for the needs of the Members as well as the interests of our Alma mater.


Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School Makurdi was established as a Day Secondary School for boys, on 14th January 1964, with 63 (sixty-three) boys; the Sixty-third student joining the school on 27th September, 1964. This number was made up of 22 Tivs, 17 Idomas, 16 Ibos, 4 Jikuns, 2 Hausas, 1 Igala and 1 Kanuri. The Students were temporary housed in two rooms in the compound of the Holy Ghost Parish – what later became the Spiritian Press. It was the first secondary school in Makurdi.

The founder, Bishop James Hagan, transferred the then Principal of Mt. St. Michael’s Aliade, Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Roman, to become the founding Principal of the new school with a staff strength of only three teachers including the Principal. He served between 1964 and 1968.

The second principal of the school, Mr. Eugene O’ Cornor took over on the 1st of September, 1968 and served up to 1971, while the longest serving of them all – Rev. Fr. Angus Fraser presided over the affairs of the school since 11th July, 1971 till 2014. Rev. Fr. John Asen took over from Fraser on 12th September, 2014 and handed over to Mr. Philip Ahembe who acted as Principal from 1st April, 2021 to 6th September, 2021 before handing over to Very Rev. Fr. Pax Finbaar Jey-Sharwan, VC who handed over to Rev Fr. James Utav on 12th September 2022.

Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School, Makurdi was moved to its present site between the then Government Craft School (now Government College) and All Saints Primary School in 1966. The planned development of the school was slowed down between 1967 and 1971 as a result of the Civil War. Due to shortage of accommodation, the school had to enroll single classes between 1967 and 1970.

From 1972, development and progress became more noticeable. Several structures were added to the Burnt brick buildings, sciences blocks, kitchen, dining hall, toilets and one staff house, which were under construction in 1971.

The demand for quality education, which the school now provided, led to the addition of a third stream in 1974. A year later, the Ministry of Education prompted the addition of two more streams while the sixth was added in 1976.

A significant development took place in 1983, when as a result of outstanding performances in the sciences over the years, the Federal Government very generously awarded a contract for supply of science equipment and materials worth Five Hundred Thousand (N500,000.00) Naira for the school.

Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School has over the years earned a reputation for academic excellence and the inculcation of high moral standards. The academic performance of the first graduating sets was not very encouraging. For example, in 1962, 29% pass was recorded out of 49 candidates that sat for the final examination. This was the trend up to the early 1970s. the poor outing at early years could be traced to the negative impact the Nigerian Civil war had on the school. All teachers of Ibo and European origin who formed the bulk of the staff had to leave the school for their homes at start of the war in 1967.

From the mid 1970’s, however, there has been steady academic progression and performance by the students. For example, results of 2003 show that, of the 178 students that sat for WASSCE, 178 had up to five credits or more, representing 89%, while all the 200 that sat for NECO had five credits or more, representing 100%. For over three decades now the school has continued to be rated among the best five (5) in the Federation. These performances have won for the school several academic laurels both within and outside Benue State.

As a school that emphasis on all-round education, adequate provision has been made for the religious, physical and social development of students. They are encouraged to participate in Games and Sports such as athletics, football, lawn tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball and chess.

The success story of Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School, Makurdi has been as a result of the collaborative efforts of the management of the school, the parent Teachers Association (PTA), Old Boys Association, International Development Agency (IDA) and Government of Benue State, especially since the inception of the George Akume administration which carried out comprehensive renovation of the school and approved the recruitment of all the teachers of the school on PTA payroll 2000. These bodies have individually contributed to the provision of standard facilities, which explain the high quality of education in the school.

The PTA also provides for the extra funds used in the feeding of boarding students. The Old Boys on the other hand have been responsible for the renovation of the library and supply of books; renovation of basketball court, renovation of the Principal’s residence and the construction of ultra-modern multipurpose hall among others.

The International Development Agency (IDA) has also contributed much to the development of the school by building two classroom blocks of eight classes; three blocks of toilets; pantry with attached stores; two science laboratories and a big hall that later became ST. KALEMBA house.

Mt. St. Gabriel’s Secondary School has six dormitories, which correspond with the 6 houses that bear names of African Saints. These are ST. TUZINDE, ST MUGGAGA, ST. KIZITO, ST. LWANGA, ST. MUKASA and ST. KALEMBA.

Religious freedom is guaranteed and practiced in the school even though it is a catholic institution.

From the very humble beginning, Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School, Makurdi has indeed developed into maturity, producing high quality graduates that are today contributing their quota in virtually all fields of human endeavor across the globe.


An alumni association that is nationally recognized and locally relevant in the affairs/decisions made for/by the school while gradually becoming a key stakeholder in the role of educating and preparing old boys for their roles as leaders of today and the future.


Hon. Arc. Austin Asema Achado (FNIA), President

Hon. Arc. Austin Asema Achado (FNIA)


Richard Ehieze, Vice president

Richard Ehieze

Vice president

Terungwa Cyprian Njoalu, Secretary

Terungwa Cyprian Njoalu


Joshua Anyim, Assistant secretary

Joshua Anyim

Assistant secretary

Abraham Achirga, Pro

Abraham Achirga


Gabriel Nyam, Assistant pro

Gabriel Nyam

Assistant pro

Terhemen Hulugh, Treasurer

Terhemen Hulugh


Prof. Isaac Itodo, Provost

Prof. Isaac Itodo


Thomas Kpagh, Social secretary

Thomas Kpagh

Social secretary

Gabriel Ameh, Financial secretary

Gabriel Ameh

Financial secretary

Charles Ekah Oche, Internal auditor

Charles Ekah Oche

Internal auditor

Barr. Doocivir Yawe, Legal adviser

Barr. Doocivir Yawe

Legal adviser

Our Objectives

  • To unite into one Body, all past students of Mt. St. Gabriel's Secondary School, Makurdi
  • To disseminate information on issues that affect Mt. St. Gabriel's Secondary School, Makurdi
  • To assist in anyway possible, the attainment of academic excellence and moral standards of Mt. St. Gabriel's Secondary School, Makurdi.
  • To protect the image of Mt. St. Gabriel's Secondary School, Makurdi at all times.
  • To cultivate the spirit of brotherhood among Members.
  • To assist Members in times of need through economic empowerment and or welfare programs to be set up by the Executive
  • To encourage the younger ones to attain their aspirations.